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July/august 2009

Please come and bring your friends to the events we have planned to mark our 10th Anniversary during the Dormont Centennial Celebration.

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Those of you who belong to WQED and receive monthly copies of their Pittsburgh magazine should find the last page of the July issue especially interesting. Rick Sebak, who is well-known for his documentary films, such as Kennywood and Things That Aren't There Anymore, visited our museum to get information for an article about Dormont's Centennial, which will be in that issue. He admitted to being very surprised at all that he found when he arrived and spent more than two hours enjoying the displays and looking through some of the binders. Before leaving, he wrote in our Guest Book "A Great Treasure! This museum is golden!"

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Once again Dormont residents have high hopes for the Hollywood Theater. After being closed for a while, it is expected to reopen in mid-July. Movies will be shown Fridays and Saturdays; perhaps Sunday matinees too. These will be classic movies. Although non are certain as yet, they may be favorates such as "Indiana Jones", "Casablanca", and "Gone With the Wind" - for example. The variety of films expected to be shown includes some that would appeal to most people. Each moview ill be shown one evening only. The management hopes to book foreign films on occasion. The theater will e staffed by groups of four or more who will volunteer for specified times. Those who would like to help with the latest endeavor to save the theater, should contact us as soon as possible. 

If you have not been in the theater since its renovation, you have no idea how lovely and comfortable it is. Admission will be only $5.00. Please try to support this effort to keep a theater in Dormont. By doing so, you will also be keeping our borough viable. 

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Our congratulations and best wishes are extended to the Historical Society of Mount Lebanon upon their opening of the Mt. Lebanon History Center at 200 Lebanon Avenue (at the corner of Washington Road). Their volunteers, especially President Margaret Jackson, have earned a lot of praise for all the hours they have devoted to procuring and redoing the rooms. Their opening exhibit, "What We Wore," features clothing donated and on loan to their Society. For information about regular daily hours, call 412-341-2640.

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When the citizens of Dormont originally petitioned the Court of Quarter Sessions of Allegheny County for self rule, the petition was signed by 150 freeholders representing a majority of residents of the area. This would indicate the population of the entire area was significantly less than 500 persons. When the Delmont Plan was annexed to the Borough in late 1909, increasing the land area by 100 percent, the Department of Commerce, Department of Census reported the official population of Dormont in 1910 as 1115 persons. At the very first borough election in 1909, 165 votes were cast. The early years of the borough were the years that showed the most change, including a population, which increased more than ten times from 1910 to 1930. One year after the borough was incorporated, 1,115 persons lived in the community. By 1930, that figure rose to 13,190.

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