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Mike Stokes sent us photos of the Potomac Avenue trees before they were removed for the renovations all along that street from West Liberty to Broadway.  He refers to the photos that were shot in May as "Potomac trees bloom" and to the ones shot early this September as "Potomac trees leaf".  We Thank Mike for preserving memories of those lovely trees for us.

Why were the trees taken down?  We have been told that those trees, which were so beautiful when in bloom, were not the right kind of tree for the spaces in which they were planted as their root systems were too large and were going to cause problems.  New trees with much smaller root systems will be planted when the water and gas companies have finished all their work and the time for planting trees is right.

Mike concluded his letter by saying, "The medical/retail and environmentally friendly repaving projects unfolding along West Liberty and Potomac Avenues promise a new face for Dormont, but it will be many years before we again find shade along Potomac.  Meanwhile, I hope these images will help us all remember how it used to be." 

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