Dormont Historical Society

Chartered 1999

Remembering Thelma Wieland

From the July/August 2009 Newsletter

Thelma Holloway Wieland served as secretary from our first meeting until her death on May 29th. But she did much more than that for us. She was the one who opened the museum most often for those who would call for appointments or just happened to be in the Municipal Center for other reasons. She kept our files in fine order so that we, and visitors, could quickly find whatever was needed. There was no special event of ours that she did not volunteer to help with; even through the heat or wet weather on Dormont Days. Even more important, Thelma was a true friend t oall of us. We will remember her fondly and miss her dearly.  -- Muriel Moreland



As the Website Administrator, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate our website redesign to Thelma. She was an incredible woman and she was always so very proud of her involvement with the Dormont Historical Society. We talked often about ways to improve the site and help our more senior members "surf" through it with greater ease. I started volunteering as the Website Administrator because of her and am very glad to have become an active participant in such a great group. 

I was constantly in awe of her energy, her desire to help people, love for her family, and her dedication to this group. THANK YOU, Thelma for being my friend, my self-proclaimed adopted mom, and all of our rock!